Wednesday, February 21, 2018, 3:00 - 5:00 PM

The company Schneider Electric DMS NS LLC is a unique Research and Development center for Smart Grid solutions, specially devoted to development and delivery of their main product, Advanced Distribution Management Solutions (ADMS), the most advanced software system in the world for performing all technical tasks in distribution utilities in an efficient and optimal way that fulfils modern power industry development requirements across the world.

Schneider Electric DMS NS LLC Novi Sad is a fast-growing, joint venture company gathering over 1,000 experts (30 PhDs) in power and computer engineering with a long-lasting cooperation with universities, power utilities, manufacturers and IT integrators worldwide. In cooperation with Schneider Electric and its network of subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide, the Company continues to develop and enhance the market globally, as well as implement and support the ADMS software product.

The University of Novi Sad and Schneider Electric DMS NS signed the Agreement of Cooperation in November 2017 which formalized the previous long-lasting and successful cooperation between the University and the Company.

The company was founded in 2008. It belongs to the group of approximately 140 start-up companies, mainly in the IT sector, which have started their work with support from the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the University of Novi Sad, employing young engineers who graduated from the University of Novi Sad. Some of these companies implement projects for large international corporations and have contributed to Novi Sad becoming recognized internationally as a “Software Valley”.