The Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the University of Novi Sad was founded in 1996. Simultaneously with the undergraduate studies program, the first generation of students was enrolled in graduate studies.

More than 1,300 architectural engineers graduated, approximately 20 candidates obtained a magister diploma (referring to the country-specific title of ‘Magister’ used before implementing the Bologna structure), and 12 candidates defended their doctoral dissertations at this Department to date.

There are currently about 70 professors, associates and researchers working at the Department.

The Department of Architecture and Urban Planning has modern and regular study programs for undergraduate, master and specialist academic and doctoral studies in the field of architecture, theater architecture and design, regional development planning and management, digital techniques, design and production in architecture. The study programs are outlined and developed by combining theory and practice, local influences and global trends.

The basic principle in studying architecture at the respective Department is multidisciplinarity. The curriculum envisages diverse courses – from main disciplines, architectural and urban design, landscape architecture, interior architecture and design, architectural heritage preservation, theater architecture and design to courses in other specific topics.

An important part of the development strategy of the Department is knowledge exchange by ensuring greater cooperation with other faculties and academies of arts in the country specializing in architecture as well as with other faculties in the region, especially from Europe. Owing to greater international cooperation, visiting professors from the Netherlands, Great Britain, Czech Republic, the USA, Italy, Romania, Austria, and other countries are appointed for teaching. Consequently, students gain knowledge and experience regarding the European and global architectural scene. A large number of students apply for study visits to universities abroad, lasting between one semester and the whole year, via international mobility programs such as Erasmus+, Basileus and Campus Europae.

From its very establishment, the Department has been the leader of an array of expert projects and studies related to cities and smaller towns and villages in Vojvodina, exploring the layers of culture and the national identity of the Vojvodina region.

Note: During the Conference, the participants will have the opportunity to visit several departments at the University of Novi Sad which are located in the University Campus. The visits will be arranged according to participants' interest and the Conference Programme.