Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy of the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, realizes its teaching activities within the study programmes of Civil Engineering, Geodesy and Disaster Risk Management and FireSafety. These study programmes are provided on the bachelor, master, specialist and PhD levels. The Department is comprized of five chairs: Structures, Building Organization and Technology, Building Materials, Assessment and Repair of Structures, Hydrotechnics and Geodesy, Geotechnics and Road Networks.

There are also two laboratories within the Department: Laboratory for building material testing and Laboratory for construction testing. The Laboratory for building material testing conducts research, according to the existing standards, of the physical, physical and chemical, and mechanical properties of different building materials (natural and artificial aggregates, inorganic adhesives – cement, lime, plaster, mortar for construction, construction glue, as well as concrete and other traditional building materials). The Laboratory for construction testing uses modern devices for transmission, reinforcement and modulation of signals, that enable field and laboratory testing. For the purposes of recording, analysis and desription of the measurement results, the laboratory is equipped with a dynamic analyzer with built-in computer and external memory, which enebles the most complex measurements in the dynamics of constructions to be carried out.

The study programme in the field of civil engineering provides students the opportunity to understand the main principles from different technical areas, acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge, and develop concrete professional skills to work successfully as engineers in construction, hydrotechnics, and road networks.