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Bistrica, also known as Novo Naselje, is one of many neighborhoods of Novi Sad.

The development of the neighborhood began during the period of the Socialist Yugoslavia in 1957. In the first City general urban plan, after the Second World War from 1950, this area of Novi Sad has not been included. The first concept of this neighborhood was defined in the revision of the general urban plan in 1963. However, the first houses were built in this area in 1956 and 1957. This phase lasted until 1963.

Today’s structure of the neighborhood was defined during the period 1977-1980 with the mass concentrated construction. During that time around 4,250 apartments were built, including the reconstruction and new construction of the city infrastructure (streets, water pipe network, sewerage system, electricity and telephone network). The construction continued with less intensity in the following period. Until 1994 another 8,700 apartments were also built. At the borders of the neighborhood there were several factories at the time, some of them for production of cutting tools, dental equipment, car parts and orthopedic equipment.

Today there are around 37,500 people living in this neighborhood. It is a pleasant city area for living and family life with green areas and spaces for outdoor activities as well. Bistrica has two elementary schools and several pre-school institutions, as well as a branch of the Novi Sad City Library and other facilities for different activities and leisure. The city public transport company is also located on the brims of this area as well as the nursary gardens of the City Greenary Public Utility Company.