The International Academic Association on Planning, Law, and Property Rights (PLPR) was established more than a decade ago to create a forum for bringing together and nurturing deeply multi-national and interdisciplinary study. Its members include academics and practitioners who are experts in their particular discipline but who also have real interest in better understanding more fully the nuances and implications of the others, as well as some members formally trained in multiple disciplines, e.g., planning and law, economics and planning. In addition to nurturing graduate students with this interdisciplinary bent, the association’s core functions include providing a peer group of scholars and promoting cross-national and comparative perspectives on scholarly work at the intersection of planning, law, and property rights.

PLPR does this primarily through the organization of regular annual conferences. PLPR 2018 in Novi Sad will be the 12th annual conference for our association. We have developed a robust membership for our organization, and we greatly value new participants as the conference literally moves around the globe from year to year. The Novi Sad conference promises to offer an exceptional contribution to our efforts, one especially timely given ongoing concerns globally about the causes and impacts of migrations. We look forward to another robust conference that adds meaningfully to our multi-national and interdisciplinary knowledge of all things planning, law, and property rights. We hope you will join us!

Richard K. Norton
President, PLPR
Professor, Urban and Regional Planning Program
University of Michigan, USA


PLPR 2018 Detailed programme with presentation schedule (pdf)

PLPR 2018 Book of Abstracts

PLPR 2018 Practical Guide for Participants

Download the official poster for the PLPR Conference at the University of Novi Sad