Migrations – Impacts, Law and Spatial Planning


Migrations as a global phenomenon. Globalization: the World without borders? The European Union without borders: free movement of people? Closing the gates and new fences. Current and expected trends. Migrations from rural to urban areas. New trend: return to rural areas?      


Impacts on migrations. Economic crisis and migrations. Unemployment and migrations. War conflicts and migrations. National and religious homogenization and migrations. Climate changes and migrations.
Impacts of migrations. Impact of migrations on (un)employment. Impact of migrations on social (in)stability. Impact of migrations on resource distribution. Impact of migrations on social development. Migrations as a source of new social energy.     


Migrations – legal lacunas. Directions of the legal regulations development. New branch of law? Legal and illegal migrations. Harmonizing national, international, and supranational legal regulation. Human rights and property rights – coexistence, competition and conflicts.   

Spatial Planning

Planned and unplanned migrations. Migrations and urban planning. Migrations and rural development. Routes of massive migrations – expectations and challenges. Migrations and habitation. Temporary habitats for migrants. 




As always, papers that do not speak to the conference themes but that present work at the intersection of planning, law, and/or property rights are of course welcome.